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It is my goal to provide you with all the tools to make and execute a successful real estate investment. Successful means an excellent return for you that meets or exceeds your goals and a system that works and minimizes the roadblocks associated with investing. I understand the nature of investing with Real Estate and know that winning is not found with one deal, but rather over time with a plan and strategies to reach your goal. Through my experience I have put together a trusted team that works together to meet and exceed your goals and it would be our pleasure to work alongside of you to make the most of your investment and build a great relationship.

Acquisition and Due Diligence: I offer my expertise in the area to search properties and provide you with a full valuation inclusive of a target purchase price, improvement/rehab costs, resell value and much more. I work very closely with my investment partners to find and negotiate the best deals on the market. I’ve set up a system that provides all you need to know to confidently make your investment. 

Purchase: As your REALTOR®️, I will follow a strong code of ethics to provide you with excellent service through the contract stage of your investment. What ever investment avenue you prefer, I have partnerships with excellent sources to assist with funding and advice with how to hold your property. Closing the deal, however is not the end of the road. 

Rehab: Quite often, a great deal on a property means that some level of rehab is needed or you might be looking to do a flip. I have developed a strong network of contractors to take the stress away and mange the process for you while keeping yo pin the loop so you can follow our progress. I have spent time building a solid and trusted network of colleagues who operate with integrity and keep your interests top of mind. Additionally, I offer my time to ensure that any project is done according to plan and see it through to completion. This certainly can vary depending on your desire for involvement in the process.

Completion: Flip or Rent, we will see the project to completion. Your goal is our first priority. Wether a quick turnaround, monthly income or both we are focused on the end result. Every completed deal brings you one step closer to your goal. I will work diligently with my team to sell or rent your property as quick as possible. Our property management division takes the pain out of finding, placing and managing tenants so you focus on what matters to you. Learn more about property management here

If you have any questions regarding the investment services offered please use the contact form below. Valuations are available upon request and are sent out with all prospective investment opportunities. 

Working Together,

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REALTOR® – Residential and Investment Specialist
Real Estate Sales Director
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